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Who is Gabrielle?

Gabrielle’s Bakery originated in 1962 when my father, Donald, opened his own bake shop at 4100 Union Road, and named it after my mother, Gabrielle. 


The family history

Don met Gabrielle in while he was stationed in her hometown of London, England, in 1953.

His sister, Joan, had been penpals with Gabrielle and, after a little convincing from Joan, Don agreed with meet her for dinner. They were married six weeks later. Eventually, they brought their new family back to Don's hometown of Buffalo, New York.


A new legacy

Nearly 60 years after the original Gabrielle's Bakery, I am creating a new legacy under the same name, and incorporating her signature in our logo.


My passion for baking has always centered around the holiday season: classic cutout cookies, Yorkshire pudding recipe passed down from my mother and fresh loaves of bread that would be delivered on December 23rd to friends and family.

We're so excited to bring our family traditions to you. Stop in for a visit, a cup of tea or coffee and a freshly baked cinnamon roll!

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